General Manager

General Manager

Job Description

This individual is an ambassador for Daylily - championing our products and embodying our story to serve our customers and staff with enthusiasm and integrity. The GM will facilitate communication between Daylily and the ownership team - relaying the appropriate information and expediting fluid operations in the shop. The GM oversees the facilities, equipment and
environment of all facets within Daylily - maintaining consistency and efficiency within the space. They will work closely with the ownership team to develop and lead staff in the execution of products and customer service; creating systems to keep the shops on target to meet sales goals and service ideals. The GM will also oversee scheduling staff and aiding ownership in the hiring and onboarding of new staff members.

The GM is expected to be present in the space approximately 40-50 hours per week in order to oversee staff and inventory needs. They will be responsible for covering necessary gaps in the schedule and should be available on call when needed. During peak seasons and weekends the GM will either be present or available to address the needs of the space and the staff accordingly.

The GM is expected to communicate and coordinate all facets of Daylily operation, keeping operations running smoothly. Working closely with the team, AGM, and ownership team to create and maintain a positive experience for both our customers and staff.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Communicate needs between Daylily and ownership team.
  • Manage daily staff operations.
  • Oversee AGM and work with ownership on development systems.
  • Create and maintain systems for efficiency and product consistency.
  • Identify and address facility’s needs, including maintenance issues of equipment. Keeping a schedule of preventative maintenance needs.
  • Enforce equipment cleaning schedule and troubleshoot maintenance issues.
  • Maintain clean and orderly spaces.
  • Enforce health and safety protocols.
  • Maintain ServSafe Certification.
  • Drive to achieve targeted sales goals.
  • Track COGs and labor costs to keep shop within budget.
  • Complete daily manager logs detailing sales/comps/spills and recording noteworthy events from the day.
  • Ensure accurate cash counts and daily deposits.
  • Maintain positive vendor relationships.
  • Oversee and maintain efficient inventory needs: grocery, kitchen, and coffee bar.
  • Respond to guests’ request and inquiries for private needs and special requests.
  • Address customer complaints and provide resolutions.
  • Assist in interviewing and hiring staff to meet space needs.
  • Schedule employees effectively to meet shop needs.
  • Report disciplinary needs to ownership team.
  • Collaborate with ownership team to implement employee engagement measures.
  • Cover schedule gaps when necessary/in case of emergency.
  • Create positivity and motivation within team and maintain energy in the shop.
  • Facilitate Daylily product knowledge and commitment to the company.
  • Champion quality control in shop to keep in line with standards defined by ownership team.


  • Leadership and commanding presence
  • Organized
  • Timely
  • Strong interpersonal skills: able to work with and communicate with various personalities and lead staff to complete their necessary daily duties
  • Ability to handle conflict and resolve customer complaints/handle stressful situations
  • Attention to detail; able to see problem areas and create a plan of action to fix the need
  • Ability to multitask
  • Forward thinking mentality, able to see “big picture” of retail needs
  • Previous management experience in retail or food service a must
  • Self-starter that is able to work within a team 


This position is 40-50 hours per week and may require extra hours during peak season. Weekend availability, fexible to meet needs of the shop


$50,000 / yr
DRC and/or Salazar Restaurant Group Benefits structure (To match current or better. TBD)

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